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Marshfield Massachusetts July 3, 2006

Here in New England, we suffer through cold and snowy winters just waiting for the glorious warmth of the summer. While Memorial Day marks the start of the season, summer truly hits its stride on the Fourth of July in celebration of our Independence. In 2006, July 4th fell on Tuesday. This gave many vacationers a long four day weekend to relax at the beach.

Growing up, all my summers were spent in the seaside town of Marshfield. Marshfield is on the Massachusetts south shore just a few miles north of Plymouth where the pilgrims landed. This has long been a vacation area favored by residents of Boston. While Marshfield has many historical connections, for most summer residents Marshfield is loved for its quiet beaches and relaxed atmosphere.

There are several villages along Marshfield's shore. In Ocean Bluff where my parents have a cottage, sunbathers tan on a sandy beach that extends for several miles in a broad arc. Just out of sight across the water is the tip of Cape Cod: Provincetown. From the Ocean Bluff beach, on a clear night you can see a beam from the Wood End lighthouse marking the entrance to Provincetown harbor.

Just south of Ocean Bluff is the village of Brant Rock. Here there's a small grocery, several shops and a number of eating spots including Arthur & Pat's, a favorite for breakfast. While summer residents find this cul-de-sac of commerce convenient, the shops provide essential goods and services for the fishermen and other residents year-round.

With one of the best protected anchorages in the Northeast, most of the local fishing and lobster fleet can be found in Green Harbor, a short walk from Brant Rock's shops.

Here are some pictures that I hope capture the spirit of summer in Marshfield.

Proud Father

Independence Day Colors

Lobster Boats in Green Harbor

Arthur & Pat's

My Dad

"Some people spend their entire lives wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don't have that problem." —Ronald Reagan 1985

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